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On July 21st, my friend Nick suffered a series of seizures and was rushed into ICU. The situation has since worsened. As of this writing, he is currently intubated and in a medically induced coma. Doctors are struggling to find answers as to what caused this. They're doing all they can to treat him and keep him as comfortable as possible. His fianceƩ, family, friends, and fans are struggling to make sense of this. Powerlessness and confusion weighs heavy on everyone.There is no shortage of love for Nick and no question why. He exemplifies humility, compassion, and perseverance. He is a master of his craft sans ego; a great example for any artist to follow. He is a beacon of light in a very dark world. It is an honor to be considered his friend and nothing short of a blessing for me to say the same about him.There's a chance that you are reading this now because of Moon Tooth and the opportunities that Nick and the band have given me as an artist. As they've climbed higher, they could choose to work with anyone, but Nick has always exhibited loyalty while assuring me that I'm not there just because I'm a friend, but because my work is right, that I'm talented and deserving. His kindness has been the rope out of the deepest pits of self-doubt. For that and countless other reasons, I will always be eternally grateful.All I can do now is pray that he recovers swiftly, and encourage you to give to his GoFundMe campaign. This will make a big dent in what will likely be a tremendous medical debt and give him some peace of mind on his road to healing. This won't be easy for him or his family. If we can do anything to give them a single second's peace, we must.Give if you can. Spread the word either way. He will come through stronger than ever. Let's help him get there; he'd do the same for you. I love you Nick. Thank you for everything. Keep fighting brother. Be well soon.




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